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Breathe Clean Air in Your Home

When you move into an older apartment or home, you will likely wash the walls, floors and ceilings along with sanitizing the bathroom fixtures. However, it is impossible for you to clean the air ducts where there is often 50 pounds of debris. Some of this debris will include pet hair, pollen and household dust, but it can also include other items such as decaying insects or cobwebs. Here are some of the problems that are associated with a dirty system of residential ductwork.

Breathing Dirty Air

All of the climate-controlled air in your apartment or home will filter through these unpleasant items, creating filthy air. You don’t want to breathe air that contains contaminates that can cause health issues. When you move into a new apartment or home, you don’t know what types of pathogens have settled inside the air ducts that can cause a serious health problem

Clean Ventilation System

Ruining the Climate-control Equipment

The dirt that collects inside the ductwork can restrict the flow of air, leading to an air conditioner or a furnace that won’t work efficiently. In addition to paying more for your heating or cooling costs, the dust on the furnace or the air conditioner can ruin the devices because the components overheat.

Mold Growth in a Building

There are likely mold spores inside the air ducts, and when the humidity is high, the mold will begin to grow. This mold growth can spread from the ductwork into other areas of your apartment or home, and you may notice a foul mildew odor. It isn’t safe for anyone to breathe mold and mildew, especially when the individual has a condition such as asthma. In some cases, the mold spores can invade your lungs to cause a major medical issue.

Unpleasant Odors

If you move into a building where someone has smoked cigarettes or kept numerous pets, then the home or apartment can smell less than satisfying. This is because the debris in the venting system will absorb the odors from cooking, pet accidents, smoke and more. With a thorough air duct cleaning, you can have a home that smells fresh again.

Finding Air Duct Damage

In many cases, the ductwork will have damage from the buildup of debris that has rotted the metal or plastic air duct system. If there are holes or cracks in the ductwork, then you should request a repair to avoid expensive climate-control bills.

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From start to finish, Sean was professional, explained and showed me what was in the vents including what was done well. He explained the process, was very respectful and honest, and above all, great at his profession.


Sean did such an awesome job! Very efficient and professional. We are now breathing clean air!


Sean did a very professional cleaning. He was great at explaining what he was doing and very thorough in his work. He was also punctual and kept the work area very clean. I would be very pleased to recommend his services with no hesitation.


Sean did a wonderful job on our air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. He took his time doing a detailed job and even explained what he was doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to have their ducts cleaned.

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