Does Your Ventilation System Have Odors?

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Odor Elimination from Heating & Cooling Systems

Your home or building’s ventilation system can develop foul odors for a variety of reasons. When you have pets, cooking odors, mold growth or a dirty house, these particles can contaminate the heating and cooling system.

Improve the Home’s Ventilation

If a home is filled with stale and foul odors, then you should improve the home’s ventilation. One way to do this is by opening all of the windows and doors to remove the odors from the home while helping new air to enter the building. At the same time, we recommend turning on the exhaust fans in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Within a few hours, this can help with the removal of the foul odors while also circulating the air that’s inside the home.

  • HVAC odors may indicate an issue

  • Clear the dust from your ventilation system

  • Stop mold growth in your HVAC system

  • Remove animals from your HVAC system

Checking the Climate-control Vents

Our technicians walk through a home to verify that the vents are open in each room and to ensure that the intake vents aren’t blocked with furniture. It is never a good idea to cover intake or outlet vents with rugs, drapes or furniture because it prevents the proper flow of the climate-controlled air, leading to stagnant air that smells horrible.

Cleaning the Furnace and Air Conditioner

We recommend cleaning an air conditioner and a furnace every year by vacuuming around the items along with using a soft cloth to remove debris from the equipment. After your HVAC system is turned off, you can also clean the interior area of the device, making sure to avoid any of the delicate components.

Changing the Filters

When you are using the HVAC systems, you should change the filters every couple months, or even every month during summer days if your A/C has been running more than usual. You can find basic or inexpensive air filters, but there are also specialty filters that will remove tiny particles of pollen and dust to prevent the foul odors that can develop in your home.

Cleaning the Vents in a Home

While mopping and vacuuming your home, make sure to clean the vents with a dust wand or a soft cloth. You can remove the vent cover to clean the area inside that often has a layer of dust or cobwebs. If you have a special device for your vacuum cleaner, then you can use it to reach deeper into the air duct to remove additional debris.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

If you do all of these things but you still have a foul odor in your home, then you can call Bell’s Air Cleaning to schedule a professional air duct cleaning service. We have the tools and experience required to remove the debris that has collected for several years inside a home’s ventilation system.

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Sean did such an awesome job! Very efficient and professional. We are now breathing clean air!


From start to finish, Sean was professional, explained and showed me what was in the vents including what was done well. He explained the process, was very respectful and honest, and above all, great at his profession.

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