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Neglected Ductwork Can Lead to Problems

You may spend hundreds of dollars to buy a dryer for your clothing and linens, so you should make sure to care for the appliance properly.

After drying each load of items, you should remove the lint from the lint screen to keep the dryer from overheating, and this will also help the appliance to work more efficiently. However, you may neglect the ductwork that is behind the dryer, and this can lead to problems.

Regular cleaning of your dryer vent can have a number of benefits:

  • Lower chance of fire

  • Dry your clothes quicker

  • Save on energy

  • Extend your dryer’s life

Removing Ductwork from a Dryer Vent

Your Expensive Dryer Can Overheat

When the flexible or rigid hose that is behind the dryer is filled with lint, the hot air will remain inside the appliance, causing it to overheat. You may notice this happening by touching the outside of the dryer to see how hot it is when it is working. If a component in the dryer overheats, then it can ruin the appliance.

Having a Humid Home

If the dryer’s hose is filled with lint, then the moist air from the appliance will enter your home, making it feel uncomfortable. When it feels humid near the dryer, this is an indication that the hose and venting system requires cleaning to remove the buildup of lint.

Allergens inside Your Home

The moist buildup of lint in the dryer’s hose can grow mold, leading to an allergic reaction as the spores from the mold filter through your home. If there is mold growth or mildew odor in the dryer’s venting system, then you should have the hose replaced with a new device.

Items Won’t Dry Quickly

If the dryer’s venting system is blocked, then the moisture from the fabrics won’t evaporate, and it can take forever for something to dry completely.

Increased Cost for Electricity or Natural Gas

When your dryer must work harder to dry linens and clothing, it costs more to operate the appliance. You may notice a steady increase in your natural gas or electric bill when the venting system to the dryer is filled with debris.

Creating a Fire Hazard

There are approximately 20,000 fires in homes each year that are caused by dryers that overheat or venting systems that catch on fire. Statistics reveal that over 50 deaths from home fires occur each year from a dryer vent fire. The lint that is inside the venting system is highly combustible when it has a spark, and this lint often contains chemicals from laundry detergent and fabric softener sheets that contaminate the air during a fire.

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