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Air duct cleaning is vital to maintaining fresh smelling, healthy indoor air quality, but what does professional indoor air cleaning entail?

  • HVAC components and ducts are concealed in the walls and attics in homes which makes the notion of having them cleaned somewhat obscure as well. Certified technicians are well-trained in established procedures making this process easy, effective and stress-free in any home or building.

  • The technician will arrive the day of the cleaning and proceed to set up work areas, being mindful to protect surfaces and furniture with suitable drop-cloths.

  • The technician will provide a “walk-through” with you of the residence. During this evaluation, the technician determines the scale of the job based on residence size, access to vents, estimated cost and time required, and addresses your unique questions and concerns.

  • Aside from access behind the motor/blower assembly and through registers, the technician may have to cut access holes strategically in the ducts for cleaning and inspection. Certified technicians are skilled at sealing these access holes upon completion.

  • The work of the process is assisted by a vacuum truck or a portable vacuum wheeled inside. This vacuum exerts a negative pressure suction on the ducts and ensures that particulates are being removed from the atmosphere as they are loosened.

  • Carefully and thoroughly loosening debris is aided by specialized brushes, such as the power brush, air whips, compressed air nozzles or “skipper balls,” hand-brushing and contact vacuuming.

  • A final step in cleaning the air ducts may involve sanitizing with an EPA approved anti-microbial solution that is drawn into the negative suction ducts as a mist. This step deodorizes and helps to kill any remaining mold and bacteria.

  • Once the ducts and crossover ducts have been cleared and sanitized, attention must be given to the other parts of the system that have also collected dust and potential pathogens. This includes the furnace and all combustion components, the heat exchanger, the fan and the motor. This step may require some disassembly and is performed with pressurized water and air, cleaning solution, brushes and contact vacuuming.

  • The final step is reassembly and clean-up. A professional technician strives to leave the job better than he found it, taking care to vacuum and remove all traces of the work that was done, leaving only fresh, breathable air behind.

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Sean did a wonderful job on our air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. He took his time doing a detailed job and even explained what he was doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to have their ducts cleaned.


From start to finish, Sean was professional, explained and showed me what was in the vents including what was done well. He explained the process, was very respectful and honest, and above all, great at his profession.


Sean did such an awesome job! Very efficient and professional. We are now breathing clean air!


Sean did a very professional cleaning. He was great at explaining what he was doing and very thorough in his work. He was also punctual and kept the work area very clean. I would be very pleased to recommend his services with no hesitation.

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